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“Our children are the future. The way we raise them now will determine the lives we live later on”- Makayla Anderson.

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs: Why It's Important to Establish a “Boss-Like” Mentality in Your Children from a Young Age.

By: Makayla Anderson


Youth entrepreneurship programs (YEP) is vital in helping children to become motivated forward thinkers. 

Youth entrepreneurship programs prepare children to be responsible for business owners by throwing them into real-life experiences. 

It gives children the opportunity to rise to the occasion and reach their full potential. 

Youth entrepreneurship programs mentor children as they evolve their talents. 

The mentorship makes children think outside the box. It instills confidence while bettering the community. 

Children are still learning about the world around them so it's important to inculcate good morals and skills into them while they are still developing. 

This way, they’ll grow into well-rounded adults who are a pillar in society. 

Youth entrepreneurship programs also keep children out of harm's way. If the child has goals in mind they are less likely to engage in risky behavior that could damage their future. 

Youth entrepreneurship programs can change the way a child lives by teaching them accountability. It can also make them financially independent. 

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