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What do icons like: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Lebron James and Zandra Cunningham all have in common? They all had a dream!

Dream Big Then Build Bigger!

By: Makayla Anderson

Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst who believed that dreams contained hidden meanings that could help us to decipher the world around us. 

Francis Crick was a researcher who believed that dreams gave the brain a chance to empty itself of all the unneeded thoughts it had throughout the day. 

From a psychological standpoint, we can see how dreams are important but, they’re also crucial in our personal development.

Read on and find out why!

Having a dream/vision is a deciding factor of who tomorrow's leaders will be. 

In order to become successful, a person must first understand what success means and looks like to them.

This means identifying what you are passionate about and you can become the best at it. 

Do you have a passion for Basketball like LeBron James did? 

LeBron James realized from a young age that he excelled at sports so, he joined a local basketball team and began to perfect his craft. 

His dream of being the biggest name in the N.B.A pushed him through injuries and made him triumphant in the face of failures. 

James was motivated by his dream and this changed the course of his entire life. 

Do you want to make the world a better place?  Are you interested in fixing social injustices and implementing a new social system where everyone is equal?

You may be interested in Activism like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. 

Martin Luther King dreamed of a world where racism was demolished and everyone was considered equal.  When he was able to accomplish this on a small scale his dreams motivated him to make bigger goals, such as eliminating racism around the globe.

When Martin Luther King was locked away in prison his dream pushed him into action instead of raising his flag in defeat. It was this resilience that changed the course of American History. 

Our founder Zandra Cunningham had a dream to inspire young girls with natural skincare products that would build up their confidence and make them strong leaders. 

This vision pushed Zandra into creating Zandra Beauty. Through hard work and determination, she was able to create an empire that provides young girls with STEAM Education and Entrepreneurship opportunities!

Become A Zandra Beauty Ambassador! 

Become A Zandra Beauty Affiliate!

As we can see having a dream is a motivating factor in building tomorrow's entrepreneurs, so believe in your dream and watch the beautiful things that are bound!

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