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Zandra Cunningham and Bea Dixon

Zandra's Letter To Bea Dixon, Founder - Honey Pot Co. - In Response to the Target Commercial

Dear Miss. Bea,

I was 17 when we met. My family decided we would take a big leap of faith and give Zandra Beauty our all. The risk was big and the fear was too. I remember the way you met me at Target Headquarters. You were welcoming and so encouraging. You answered my questions and held nothing back. You mentored me and helped me to believe my dreams really were possible.


Anytime we come out into the open and speak our truth we are opening ourselves to the haters, but once again you have demonstrated your leadership and belief in all of us by stepping out of your comfort zone to say publicly that there is a way for those of us who are so often marginalized by society, to experience success. 

I want to thank you for agreeing to do the Target Campaign. I’m sure you and your team anticipated the racist backlash that would come from a Black Woman saying to the world that she wants to help other black girls realize their wildest dream, but you did it anyway. You stood with strength, poise and you never once showed concern with the negativity, because you are a true trailblazer. You understand the importance of not only blazing a trail, but loudly saying to those who need you most “the trail is over here” and it’s working. 


They say “well behaved women seldom make history” well my friend you are making history. Because you refused to “behave” or be silenced, because of your friendship, your mentorship, and your courage, not only am I in over 600 Target Stores across the country, I am inspired to hold the door open for young girls who will follow. 

Bea, you are an inspiration, you are black history, you are women’s history and you are pretty damn dope!


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  • Tamika Maclin

    I love this letter too Miss Bea! So brave of you to stand up for your friend & mentor. It is awesome that you are apart of what her goals are as she stated in her commercial. Miss Bea continue pushing because we see that God has your back all of the way ❤️

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