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Most teenagers struggle with breakouts at least once in their lives. Although dirty skin is not a cause of acne, if you have acne and you don’t cleanse your face twice a day, there will be a build-up of dead skin cells that will clog pores and cause breakouts.

For girls: Not completely removing your makeup at night will definitely make matters worse. Moisturizing your skin everyday helps to make it hydrated and well balanced. A healthy skin care routine is quite vital for beautiful skin, free from oil, blackheads and blemishes! And this is especially vital for teens, as they are most prone to these kind of skin problems.

There are a few tips to ensuring that your skin retains the right amount of moisture to keep it glowing and stay looking very healthy such as; 

  • When washing your face, gently rub using a special facial cleansing wash or even just water and a cloth, which will be enough to keep the loose skin, oil, and dirt to a tolerable level. It is not advisable to wash your face during the day.  If your face gets really oily, buy some special tissues that remove excess oil on your face. Try the Zandra Bamboo Black Soap 3 in 1 cleanser. The Black soap and charcoal work together to pull impurities without drying you out. Be sure to apply a little moisturizer after, like the Zandra Hair/Body Soufflé.
  • Don’t forget to use your sunscreen: it is true that if you begin using sunscreen in hot or cold weather at a young age, your skin will age gracefully.
  • After eating breakfast and brushing your teeth, apply lip balm. Zandra Big Balms are perfect for this and additional moisture on the go.
  • Always use some hand cream after washing your hands and when the get dry during the day.
  • At night time do not forget to cleanse your face to unclog your skin pores of excess oil and dirt. Most cleansers will both cleanse and exfoliate your skin
  • After cleansing your skin always use a lightweight moisturizer. Lightweight means that it’s not heavy and oily, so it won’t add to the oil on your skin or clog your pores. This is very important!



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