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Oh my Gosh!!! I am so excited to have finally launched my new website. I really hope you like it. I still feel like I have a bit more work to do but ya, its here. Whoop here it is lol.

So this has been like the craziest year ever. Starting with us going on the Indie business Cruise in January. That trip was the starting point to the total recreation of my brand. One that trip I connected with some of the most amazing indie business chics in the game. From there I enrolled in Lucky Break University with my mom so we could work more on get the business to the level we wanted. I knew I would be starting high school so we wanted to take full advantage of all the time we had before then. In LBU we learned an overwhelming amount of goodness and had the opportunity to connect with Ms. Elea Lutz, then the fun work began. Oh it was fun but not at all easy. After months of a business rebrand we finally are ready to show you what we have been working on. Many tears have been shed and many emergency phone calls//emails have going out to both Elea and the LBU team and each and every time they saved us. I am so excited and grateful. I would love to get your feedback on my new brand. Welcome to Zandra!

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