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So what’s the deal with this whole “feminism” thing, anyway? Wasn’t that, like, something from back in the olden times (meaning the 1970s)? Well, yeah, that’s when the movement as we know it today kind of kicked off, and, like your grandma will tell you, we’ve come a long way since then, baby. So why do we need to still care about women’s issues? Isn’t that all over and done with now?

No, not really. While you and I and My Nana all know girls can kick butt just as hard as any guy out there, it seems like not everyone’s in the loop. In fact, when it comes to traditional male-dominated areas like science and technology, women are still being shut down and shut out at an early age. In fact, despite the fact that girls typically do better than boys in math and science all the way up through high school, by the time they hit college, only 18% of engineering majors and 16% of computer science majors are female.

And not only are we getting shut out of all the high-paid jobs that go to those CompSci and engineering grads, we’re also not getting our props when it comes to the fun stuff. Women’s sports get only 10% of the amount of coverage as guys’ sports do, and let’s not forget the terrible shame of “Gamergate” where a few prominent women in the gaming industry received online threats of rape and even death just for doing their thing.

So what’s a girl to do? Just stay strong, chica. Whatever you want to do, you go ahead and do it, whether it’s designing a new iPhone app, driving a truck or throwing down with Bobby Flay as the next grill master. You can do it! Nana and I will be right here cheering you on.


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