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Independent Youth TrepStart in St. Louis

Peer to peer mentoring is one of the most effective ways to inspire other teenpreneurs. Through discussion and shared experiences teens gather as a community. They seek advice on how to follow their passions and find success. As a member of the Independent Youth’s Teen Entrepreneur Network, Zandra was delighted to join their TrepStart Day in St. Louis where got hands-on with other teens keen to find their own journey to personal and professional success.

The TrepStart Day focused on giving high school students insight into the business of doing business! The day was full of energy and excitement.  Keynote Speaker, the ever-interesting Maxine Clark (founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop), led the day with an inspiring talk on the keys to entrepreneurship. Later, the students split into several breakout sessions to discuss the different aspects of entrepreneurship. Zandra tells us more…

Breakout! Peer to Peer Mentoring in St. Louis


The energy in the session was exhilarating – simply awesome! Being able to bounce ideas off each other and share experiences that have helped shape me and my business over the years is what it’s all about.

“As a teen myself, I know that we can easily get sidetracked – and that’s one of the main lessons I like to share my story. It’s important to stay focused and not give up on your dream. I spoke to them about the importance of having a strong support system when you are venturing into a new business. It’s also important to stand your ground and stay true to what you believe.

As someone who started her own business at a very young age, I related very easily to the group of teens that were in my breakout session. I saw in them the spark that I had when I decided to get started in my kitchen as I made my own lip balm.”

One of the main pillars of Zandra beauty is to be an ethical, socially aware and involved brand and that’s what I try to inspire others to do through knowledge sharing, inspirational talks, workshops, and seminars like Independent Youth’s TrepStart.

Independent Youth’s TrepStart is a great platform that helps to develop youth into the future leaders of tomorrow. So, if you are a thinking about starting a business, learn more at Independent Youth’s HERE.  Until then, stay motivated and empowered, because there is nothing stronger than YOU.

Check out my facebook page for exciting behind the scenes of the workshops, seminars and talking engagements I do.

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