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I had my daughters birthday party at Zandra's Studio and i was so impressed! The girl's loved the experience of make the products and learned so much from Zandra and her mother.They go above and beyond to give the girl's and amazing and fun experience!
Kimberly S

The Japanese Kumquat is my favorite fragrance from the Zandra line. I have the sugar scrub, artisan soap, big balm, souffle and the lotion and I can't get enough of them! The smell is an added bonus of the products that feels so good on my skin. I can't use too many different products on my skin as it will cause irritation, but Zandra has done very well for my me and I love it!!! I like purchasing Zandra as gifts for others so they too can enjoy them as much as I do!
LaToya C.

I bought the soufflé from an event a couple years ago, before this site even started running. Now that I'm pregnant I've been using the soufflé regularly and has helped tremendously on my skin. I highly recommend it to any pregnant woman out there looking for an alternative to cocoa butter for stretch marks.

We recently had a DIY birthday party with Zandra. It was amazing! The production studio was adorably decorated and set up for the party. The girls LOVED learning how everything was made, and had so much fun actually making things themselves. Zandra and her parents were so gracious and helpful, we felt like they were hosting the party in their own home!
I highly recommend this experience!!

I won Almond Big Balm and Soap in a contest. I am so glad that I was introduced to Zandra Beauty products!! The almond scent is absolutely delightful. I use the balm on my body in those rougher, tougher to moisture spots such as my elbows, knees and heels. The soap gently exfoliates leaving my skin glowing and soft. I am truly won over by the almond scent but I hope to try the other products and scents soon. Thanks Zandra for following your dream and giving us such great, quality products.
Erica C.

Love the sugar scrubs. I purchased the sugar scrub & souffle in the Japanese Kumquat scent recently. I love them both. No need for lotion when you use the sugar scrubs in the shower. Thanks!!!
Stacey C.

Love the scrubs! Smells and feels so good
Sarah W.

I am absolutely in love with my Lemon Tea Tree Sugar Scrub! It was so good I did a youtube video on it and the other delicious items I bought from Zandra's Beauty. I walked by my husband after using the scrub and he said I smelled amazing! My youtube screen name is bellephi7, if you want to see exactly how I used the products and my skin results. This will definitely be my go to spot for beauty bars and I can't wait to try the other scented bars.
Marjorie G.

So pleased with your Artisan Soaps!
I have used the soaps for a few months now and absolutely love them . . the scents are delightful, I feel so clean and fresh. I decided they'd make great Mother's Day gifts so I ordered some soaps for my mom. She's delighted!
Lisa S.