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We are so delighted to share a fantastic update with you…

We have been shortlisted to showcase our skincare range at the Etsy Wholesale Open Call 2016 in Brooklyn, New York! This is an exclusive event being held for some of the industry’s biggest retail giants. Why are we so excited? This event gives small businesses like Zandra the chance to introduce our products to retail decision makers, and if they love our wonderful all natural skincare products as much as we do, they just might introduce our brand into their stores by the holiday season! This is our chance to reach more of our customers across the USA.

Small steps could lead to big things for the Zandra brand…

Some of you will already know that Etsy is one of the most popular international marketplaces for unique artisan and vintage goods, so you can imagine how happy we were to be chosen. And as the youngest finalist out of 35 hand-selected Etsy members from the US, South Africa, Spain, Canada and Israel, I’m not only excited, I’m proud to hold the torch for young entrepreneurs everywhere!

We can’t wait to actively engage everyone we meet and share our unique brand of American made fun, fresh, natural bath and body for the educated and empowered girl on the move! Over the course of two days, we will also have an opportunity to make new friends, build our network and share some of the wonderful work that we’ve been doing with you. The event will take place in Brooklyn on August 22 – 23, so stay tuned and look out for our next update. I will also share some social media updates in the coming weeks, so you can get the latest update on how we did at the event.

Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing support, without it, we wouldn’t have made it on to the Etsy radar. We’re so proud of the strides we’re making and the new partnerships that will help us to make a better world for every girl out there.

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