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Zandra Beauty Products: The Shinning Light In A Dark Industry

Zandra Beauty Products: The Shinning Light In A Dark Industry

 Written By: Makayla Anderson

Have you ever passed a mirror and been disgusted by your own reflection? Have you spend hours pointing out every flaw, praying they would disappear? I have.

Dealing with acne used to make me feel so worthless. I would feel immense sadness as I obsessed over the condition of my skin.

It was a cruel cycle of breakouts, (horrible) skin care products, more pimples, makeup to cover up the pimples, then *bam* another breakout.

Which was another blow to my self- confidence. I wore foundation ninety- five percent of the time. Foundation was a temporary mask, that gave me artificial self-worth when I wore it.

Without makeup, I believed I couldn’t function. The outspoken, fearless confident, girl I was would become a shy, reserved and insecure person, who didn't want to show her face to the world. Underneath my makeup that’s exactly who I was.

A very insecure person who didn’t see or appreciate the beauty in being different. All I wanted was to be like everyone else. Ance made it much harder to fit in.

I’ve had acne since I was eight. It wasn’t a problem then. I didn't care about it and neither did anyone else around me. I don't remember acne being a problem until the seventh grade.

People would point it out to me. Like it was something I should've been disgusted by. But I was oblivious to society's beauty standards. I brushed off the comments but slowly they started to weigh me down. I was tired of how present acne was in my life so I tried to get rid of it.

Now being older, I reflect and I understand why it was such an issue.

In television shows and commercials, acne is very demonized. It’s common to relate unattractiveness with ance. It pops up in our culture all the time.  Particularly in teen television shows; acne is the worst thing to happen to any of the show’s characters because suddenly they become “ugly” or “undesirable”.  

Acne commercials manipulate us into buying their products by convincing us that acne is a bigger problem than it is. The cosmetic industry plays the same game.

These companies rather us be insecure. Our insecurity is what’s making them money.

I’ve come to realize, I didn't have an issue with my skin until society starting telling me that my imperfections were unappealing.

My personality was never taken into account when people judged me. I was only as good as my looks.

When I came across Zandra Beauty I was shocked. Instantly, I noticed the different approach they had.

Zandra Beauty puts the empowerment of young girls and women BEFORE wealth as their main priority is to inspire and uplift people using skincare and beauty products.

This is important, as there is a lot of negativity swirling around the industry.

This company understands a person’s character is the most valuable thing and they do what they can to build us up instead of tearing us down. You can see the care being put into each and every product just by looking at its packaging.

Each product has different affirmations that remind us we’re beautiful, inside AND out. No matter what it is we are struggling with.

That’s a beautiful thing for anyone to read. It’s an amazing feeling when you know a company has your back by only using the best quality of products.

Zandra ’s Beauty products work hard to remove toxins from your body NATURALLY. Their products are plant-based and crafted for all skin types. So you’ll never have to worry about irritations! Your skin will be fresh and you’ll smell divine!

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