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Why Are Positive Affirmations Essential to Personal Development and How YOU Can Use Them to Change YOUR Life?

Why Are Positive Affirmations Essential to Personal Development and How YOU Can Use Them to Change YOUR Life?

 By: Makayla Anderson

“It's not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, It's what you whisper to yourself that has the most power”, Robert T. Kiyosaki


Affirmations are positive statements that help us to overcome negative thoughts when said repeatedly enough that we start believing them.

In a world full of insecurity, self-doubt, and self-sabotaging tendencies, our thoughts can get caught up in all the noise. The perception we have of ourselves can become so eschewed, that we begin doubting our own self-worth.

We face so much negativity in our lives. Anything from social injustices to political issues. Emotionally, these things can have a damaging effect on us, making it hard to feel at peace anywhere.

But, we can create a safe space within ourselves, a foundation that keeps us stable when the outside world is so unsure. This is accomplished by the practice of self-love.

The easiest way to introduce self-love into our lives is through the use of Positive Affirmations. The best way to change and improve the quality of your life is to change and improve the perception you have of yourself.

Positive Affirmations help us to do this by coaching us to create a positive and healthy mindset.

By reinforcing these ideas we challenge the negative thoughts we have about ourselves. This changes the way we think about ourselves and the life going on around us. Our actions begin as thoughts that run through our brains. So by thinking good thoughts, we allow good things to come to us.

Positive Affirmations can encourage this thought process, making it very beneficial to our own personal development.

With that in mind, Zandra Beauty goes the extra mile to ensure every product has a positive affirmation written on its label. By doing this we hope to boost the confidence of our customers and inspire them to follow their dreams!

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