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The entire Zandra team has moved to bigger and better premises! Our new production facility seals our commitment to delivering cleaner and greener products for teen-sensitive skin. With improved facilities, we are relaunching the same great quality skincare products, with more production capability for DIY Natural Beauty Workshops and this month you’re invited to join us!

New DIY classes for Teens and Tweens!

This isn’t your usual learning environment. At Zandra’s DIY Natural Beauty Workshops we have fun interactive workshops especially for teens and tweens to get hands-on with their skincare products. Would you like to learn how to combine good-for-you ingredients with great-for-you skincare? Then this is the class for you and your girls! Book a party session and have the best night out!

Learn to do DIY Like a Teen-Boss!

If you’re a girl scout on the hunt for the next troop badge, then join us for Zandra’s DIY Natural Beauty Workshop. You’ll get hands-on instruction, learn how to read skincare labels and identify the ‘not-so-good’ ingredients, and you’ll be able to perfectly craft products with great fragrance. That will certainly earn you a badge worthy of a boss!

Family Fresh!

Come one, Come All! We believe that Zandra’s DIY Natural Beauty Workshops are perfect for everyone in the family. After all, everyone loves great skin. And if you are looking for a little special time with Mom or Dad, then check out our uber cool Mommy and Me or Daddy and Daughter sessions. These are no ordinary classes. This is your chance to explore some quality time together. Bond over bubble bath bombs and share special moments while making soaps and salts! These really are unique experiences that will help you both to discover your favorite scents and products and maybe even find a solution to a skincare problem that you both share!


See the full range of our DIY workshops HERE 


We’ve got you covered! We will provide you with all of the natural ingredients, essential oils, packaging supplies, wrapping, aprons, gloves and even some recipes for inspiration! So, whether you are looking for lip balms, body-butters, soaps, scrubs or soothing bath salts, you will find a workshop just right for you or maybe an awesome gift for someone special.

Smart girls with big dreams need to take care of themselves and make smart decisions about what they put on their bodies. Our DIY Natural Beauty Workshops are the perfect introduction to learning everything you need to get started on your journey towards better products and healthier skin. No experience is needed and our professional team of technicians is excited to welcome everyone.

Check out class availability for all DIY sessions by contacting us HERE

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