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Josh-Lynne Danielle Jenifer was nominated by her mother,
to be our Zandra Beauty Of The Month.
“She is a active member of True Bethel Baptist Church where she is a member of the kids of the kingdom, the audio ministry and the choir. Josh-Lynne is the founder of CAVE (Children Against Violence Everywhere) she is a member of the Girls Sports Foundation, the University District Youth Council and the Buffalo Defenders. Josh-Lynne is a beautiful girl both inside and out one of her activities is to make sandwiches and give to the homeless. She is wonderful daughter, sister, aunt and friend.” We had a chance to ask Josh-Lynne a few questions, check out her answers below.


ZA: Tell us about who you are and what you’re passionate about (hobbies, sports, fun stuff you like to do).

JL: My name is Josh-Lynne, I am 13 years old. I enjoy helping others, learning more about outer space, sports and spending time with my family.

ZA: What school do you attend and what grade?

JL: I attend St. Monica’s School. I am currently in the 8th grade.

ZA: What are your best qualities?

JL: My best quality is that I am a natural born leader.

ZA: How important do you think Girls education is and why?

JL: I believe that education is very important because knowledge is power.

ZA: How do you think you can make a meaningful contribution to the world around you and beyond?

JL:  I can make a meaningful contribution by being true to myself and being willing to take action when no one else will.

ZA:  What’s the best advice you would give to other girls like you?

JL:  Be comfortable in your own skin!

ZA: What’s your favorite color?

JL: My favorite is Blue.

ZA: What’s your favorite number?

JL: My favorite number is 18.

ZA: What’s your favorite food?

JL: My favorite food is Mac and Cheese.

ZA: What’s your biggest dream?

JL: My biggest dream is to become the president of the United States.

Isn’t she beautiful? If you know a beautiful girl you think deserves to be featured, send us an email to and tell us why.

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