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Olivia was nominated by her mother Anita Durand Allen to be our Zandra Beauty of the Month.

“I am thrilled to nominate my daughter Olivia for the Zandra beauty of the month. Olivia is a 10 year old actress/dancer/singer who loves to help people in need. Over the past two months she has organized and conducted two successful local donations drives. In March she collected over 100 toys for Kosair Charities, an organization that aids and assists children with disabilities and illnesses and their families. In April she conducted a food drive for Dare to Care Food Bank’s Backpack Buddy Program. Children who live in food insecure homes and depend on free and reduced lunches during the week are given a backpack of food they can easily access and eat on the weekend’s when they may otherwise not get enough food. She, her sister and her best friend from school collected more than 8 boxes of of food. For this effort she was featured on WHAS 11 News with the Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent and got to meet the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer. She was also featured on WDRB Fox 41 the day of the drive and WLOU Radio Simmons Saturday Morning Solutions Show.

As a professional actress and dancer Olivia has been features in commercials, local billboards and magazines, and on stage in theatrical and dance productions. She loves to read, draw, and write stories, she enjoys all things girly and is a true fashionista. IN addition to all that, Olivia is a model student and has received only one B among the A’s on her report card.  


We had a chance to ask Olivia a few questions, check out her answers below:

ZA:  Tell us about who you are and what your passionate about ( hobbies, sports, fun stuff you like to do).

OA:  I am an openminded, fashionable, 10 year old who loves to dance, act and write songs. It is important to me that the people I care about are happy and I make hand made birthday cards for all my friends.  I come up with ideas to help people and find a way to make them a reality.
ZA: What school do you attend and what grade?
OA: I am a straight A student at Coleridge Taylor Montessori School and will be in the 5th grade.
ZA: What are your best qualities?
OA: My best qualities are my kindness and creativity. Also, I love to learn.
ZA: How important do you think Girls education is and why?
OA: I think girls education is very important because I look up to many brilliant women who are very smart. Without girls education being important other girls might not be able grow up to be brilliant women that other girls can look up to.
ZA: How do you think you can make a meaningful contribution to the world around you and beyond?
OA: I have already conducted a food drive for Dare to Care Food Bank to help kids that don’t get enough food over the weekend. I also conducted a toy drive for   Kosair Charities where I beat my goal of collecting 100 toys. I am now planning a Girls’ Conference to help girls understand how to be confident and stand up for yourself.
ZA: What’s the best advice you would give to other girls like you?
OA: Never give up on your dreams.
ZA: What’s your favorite color?
OA: Turquoise.
ZA: What’s your favorite number?
OA: 16 – I don’t really know why. It just is.
ZA: What’s your favorite food?
OA: Sweet Potatoes – I like them in casserole with marshmallows or baked with cinnamon and butter.
ZA: What’s your biggest dream?
OA: My biggest dream is to be a famous actress by the time I go to high school.
Olivia is also currently planning the “You Can Be” Girls Confidence Conference to be held in Louisville. The conference will be for  girls ages 8 – 12 and will be on Saturday, August 22nd. How amazing it that! Isn’t she beautiful? If you know a beautiful girl you think deserves to be featured, send us an email to and tell us why.
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