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I am super excited for my Open House and Grand Opening of my new production studio. Of course you are all invited to join in the fun! So here’s the deal, we will kick off the fun at 2pm with yummy food and fancy drinks! At 3pm we will start the Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with my big beautiful PINK Ribbon and even larger PINK scissors!
My Granddad will be giving the Official Blessing to make sure all the products made there will be perfectly crafted+ blessed. My Nana is in charge of all food and I hear shrimp cocktail is on the menu!
What for desert you ask? Well Kaffles by Batter Boy of course! Kaffles are the hottest desert to hit the streets since the cannoli (kinda), no really they are super good. The best part is the CEO of Batter Boy is a fellow teenpreneur named Keon! Whoop!
Learn more about Keon here.
We will round the afternoon off with good music, studio tours and special Grand Opening Product Promotions. Picture will follow!
I promise its going to be A* MAZING!
See you there.
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