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Last weekend (11/8/14), the Girl Scouts of Western New York hosted an event for girls in Western New York. The event was called ‘I Can Be’ Career Day and it was awesome. I saw so many amazing women come together to speak and present their life and work experience with the girls that were lucky enough to attend.  Girls in grades 6-12 were allowed to:

“Meet and learn from professional women with careers in a variety of fields, perform hands-on activities that directly relate to the profession of choice, experience an event that supports girls to select any career path of their choosing.”

After a crazy week of moving in the Queen City Pop Up and setting up my new production studio, I was just happy to be in the building. I had NO idea I was actually opening the event behind Ms. Cindy Odom, CEO of Girl Scouts of Western New York and Ms. Morgan Williams-Bryant, Senior VP of Membership and Program! Wow, right? I know!  I guess my mom just “forgot” to mention that. lol

Oh well, I was nervous but went ahead with my plan. I spoke to a huge room full of girls about my business, skill set, and what qualities were needed if they decided they wanted to start and run their own business. After all, Ms. Morgan pointed out that many of them were already in business, as they had been selling Girl Scout cookies for years. It was important for all the girls in the room to know that they too could do what I am doing. Every girl could live her dream and walk in her purpose if she followed these few rules:

1) Have a solid plan

2) Seek advise + education, there are tons of free services out there)

3) Connect with like-minded people

4) Lastly, Keep fighting to work your plan, even on the worst days!

I ended with a question: What will your verse be? What will you do that the world or someone will remember you by?


Ms. Odom, CEO of Girl Scouts of WNY- She was so supportive and cool.

Me after speaking, heading back to finish moving.

Ms. Morgan & Me

(my mom takes the worst pictures)

I first met Me. Morgan this past October at my Day of the Girl event. She was awesome enough to support my event.

Learn more about the Girl Scouts of WNY and all the cool things they offer here and follow them on Facebook to see more pictures of the event here.

Until next time.


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